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Overview of the DUI Process


The Kansas City DUI lawyer at kcticketlaw is centrally located in downtown Kansas City, Missouri, and has the experience and expertise to aggressively defend your criminal and administrative Kansas DUI charges, Missouri DWI charges, and related charges resulting from a refusal to submit to blood, breath, or urine testing.  Our DUI attorney represents clients charged with DUI and DWI throughout the Kansas City metropolitan area. In Kansas, we routinely appear in Overland Park, Olathe, Leawood, Lenexa, Prairie Village, Kansas City, Kansas, and more. In Missouri, we routinely appear in Kansas City, Missouri (“KCMO”), Independence, Lee’s Summit, Blue Springs, Gladstone, Liberty, as well as the Clay County, Platte County, Jackson County, and other courts as well.

Mr. Kane has over 10 years of experience practicing law, previously practiced with one of the top 100 law firms in the country, and has the experience and expertise to provide you with an aggressive and sophisticated defense against your DUI charges.   Mr. Kane is a member of the Missouri Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers, Kansas Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers, the National College of DUI Defense, and was selected by ThompsonReuters as a Super Lawyer – Rising Star in Kansas and Missouri.

When you are arrested and cited with DUI in Kansas or DWI Missouri, you will actually face two separate legal actions:

  1. The State’s Department of Revenue will bring an administrative/civil case against your driver’s license and seek a suspension of your driver’s license; and
  2. criminal case will be brought by the city or county in which you were stopped, and will bring charges which could result in heavy fines, jail time, and other criminal sanctions.

These cases have significantly different procedures and repercussions, and both cases are extremely important.  Time is of the essence, and Kansas and Missouri impose extremely short timeframes in which to protect your rights. If your we are unable to assess your case quickly it is more difficult to contest the charges.  After you are arrested for DUI, you have 14 days (in Kansas) or 15 days (in Missouri) to request an administrative hearing regarding your license suspension, and oftentimes, you are not given much more time before your first required court appearance in your criminal case.  Because each DUI case is different and each client is different, you should retain an experienced and skilled DUI lawyer that can analyze and explain the law and facts as they apply to your case, as well as provide an effective and aggressive defense against your DUI charges in Kansas and Missouri. We are also here to act as your DUI attorney in the related administrative charges related to your driver’s license suspension, and if necessary, any post judgment remedies and appeals in your administrative or criminal case.

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If you have been charged with driving under the influence or driving while intoxicated, you should contact us immediately.  Call us at (816) 229-2708 or use our FREE ESTIMATE FORM page to arrange a free case evaluation.

Steps of our DUI lawyer representation

Contact us. Because every circuit court, district court, and municipal court in the Kansas City area utilizes different procedures (including their applicable fines, court costs, and procedures), we need to obtain various information about your DUI or failure to submit charges.  You can provide us with this information via our Free Estimate Form, via email, or by calling our office at (816) 229-2708.

Discuss your case.  Our traffic lawyers will then speak with you or will contact you back regarding: (1) the specific charges against you; (2) an overview of the process of examining and addressing your DUI charge; and (3) the amount of our attorney fees; and (4) further information and the process of addressing your DUI charge.

Payment. Once we agree on representation, we have a variety of payment options.  You can pay via credit card (either over the phone or using our credit card payment link at the bottom of the page) or cash (in person only).  For most DUI charges, we request that you make an up front payment of our attorney fee, with any court costs, fines, and other payments due and payable by you to directly to the Court once your case is addressed and a disposition is entered.

We Represent You.  My office will then confirm our engagement regarding your case, and will provide you with a receipt for your payment to our office.  In order to allow us address your DUI charges, it is necessary to obtain various information, including your driving record, police reports, booking videos, dashcam videos, officer reports, and other information.

Our office zealously represents clients charged with Kansas DUI or Missouri DWI by carefully scrutinizing all of the relevant evidence in your case.  Our DUI lawyer is successful by focusing on main categories in which mistakes are made during the arrest process, including the officer’s determination of “reasonable suspicion” and “probable cause” (through the three primary phases of a DUI/DWI, including vehicle in motion, officer contact, and pre-arrest screening).  This includes an analysis of the legality and propriety of the field sobriety testing, Miranda rights, proof of operation, notice issues, post arrest blood, breath, and urine blood alcohol content (“BAC”) tests, and a multitude of other issues.

In reviewing the circumstances surrounding your DUI charges, we engage in thorough meetings with our clients, and also pore over the officer’s reports, officer certification, dash camera evidence, booking station/booking room videos, breathalyzer maintenance records, witness information, and use our experience to determine whether the procedures utilized by the officer are consistent with NHTSA guidelines, state law, and the protections afforded to you by the United States Constitution.  Through this DUI case review process, we are able to uncover evidence that enables us to fight your charge and review the validity or invalidity of the evidence used or charges made against you.

After thoroughly reviewing your case, we are then in a position to advise you regarding the best legal strategy to handle your DUI case, including options and legal strategies to fight your DUI charges, or whether the best outcome may be through fighting on your behalf to have your charges reduced through a plea agreement, potentially resulting in less severe penalties and restrictions.  Our firm can also assist you with obtaining a hardship license allowing you to be able to drive to work, school, and other specified obligations after the statutorily mandated minimum suspension period.

After meeting with you, reviewing the above information, and discussing your case with the prosecution, we will then discuss with you whether going to trial and aggressively fighting to prove your innocence is the best option, or conversely, whether your best option is to control much of the downside associated with a DUI by seeking a plea bargain.  Regardless of the path that is ultimately chosen, we diligently and thoroughly review your case and advise and represent you so that we can achieve a successful outcome for you and your family.

Please note that the potential for jail, potential constitutional or other challenges to your case, potential for an amendment or reduction, fine amounts, court costs, and attorney fees vary based on the individual jurisdiction, the severity of the charge, your driving record, and various other factors.


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