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Plea Bargains and DUIs

A plea bargain isn’t simply a matter of pleading guilty to your charge and receiving a reduced sentence.  The terms of the plea bargain can vary, and give the parties the ability to reach an agreement that satisfies everyone.  Negotiating a charge of DUI or DWI is allowed in Missouri and Kansas, but can have limitations as well as minimum mandatory punishments.

In Missouri, Brandon Kane at KC Ticket Law has had success in having DWI charges amended to careless driving under certain circumstances and has obtained suspended sentences to avoid criminal convictions.

In Kansas, state law says that a DUI cannot be amended to a lesser offense.  Diversion can help avoid a conviction for a first-time offender.   If you are a repeat DUI offender in Kansas, a plea bargain for house arrest, work release, and minimum jail sentences can be an option to help keep your job and family secure.  If you need legal assistance regarding a plea deal, please contact KCticketlaw.

Kansas City DUI Lawyer

KCticketlaw is an experienced Kansas City DUI law firm.   Brandon Kane has experience fighting DUI charges in Jackson, Johnson, Wyandotte, and other surrounding counties. A plea bargain may be the best way to address your case, however a careful review of the evidence will help to determine the proper course of action for your DWI case.

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