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An ignition interlock device (IID) is a breathalyzer device that is installed in an individual’s vehicle and wired to the ignition. To start the vehicle, a driver must blow into a mouthpiece without registering a blood alcohol concentration (BAC).   If the device detects alcohol, it prevents the engine from starting.

Ignition Interlock Device in Missouri

Missouri law requires any person guilty of a second or subsequent DWI-related traffic offense to install an IID on any vehicle they operate before he or she can get their driving privileges reinstated.

Each ignition interlock provider is responsible for reporting ignition interlock compliance to the Department of Revenue and/or the court-ordered supervising authority.

Ignition Interlock Device in Kansas

Kansas law also requires DWI offenders to have an IID installed on their vehicle.   If charged with a DUI in Kansas, it is wise to review and consider all of your legal options.   There are 2 separate proceedings against your driving privileges after a DUI: 1) the criminal charges for DUI, and 2) the administrative action to suspend. You will want to fight charges on both fronts.

From the KS DMV:  http://www.ksrevenue.org/faqs-dmvdc.html

After a DUI charge, it is important to make a decision and take action regarding your legal assistance.  You only have 14 days to request the administrative driver’s license hearing or else you will get suspended and have the interlock ignition device requirement.  KCticketlaw will be able to advise you and request the driver’s license hearing on your behalf.  It is always a good idea to request this hearing.

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